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FX5s, Dual Mobile Phones Live Stream Sound Card








FX5s, Dual Mobile Phones Live Stream Sound Card

December 1,2017.

FX5s, Dual Mobile Phones Live Stream Sound Card

In a dormant for a long time and use more professional technology products, KX5s , multi-functional hardware auto-tune sound card is turned out, the master of hardware sound effect controlling , worthy of a new generation of karaoke for live stream.

Designed for dual/single phones live broadcast

FX5s, designed for live broadcast of dual mobile phones, one for live broadcast, the other is used as accompaniment, easier to operate for users. Portable With mini designed, you can enjoy your live broadcast freely anytime, anywhere.

Support to make a user-defined sounds via TF card.

Not only can apply for the phone but also support TF card, which support user-defined auxiliary sound effect, recording, songs, etc. With function of accompaniment in TF card, single mobile phone live broadcast become colorful.

Built-in 2400mAh big battery, which provides lasting power supply

Built-in 2400mAh safe and environment-friendly lithium battery, stable and low consumption that meets the needs of live broadcast as long as 9-10 working hours.

Built-in microphone, which is convenient to make a live broadcast outdoors.

What if there is no individual microphone? Too many devices for a personal live broadcast? Now, these worries are swept away. For FX5s, built-in high quality condenser microphone so please enjoy your personal live broadcast freely. One more thing need to say, the microphone also with independents switch while you want to use an external microphone, only click the white button in the lower left corner to turn the built-in Mic off.

With rich functions, can bring users amazing mobile experiences through the phone audio, various extend interfaces and powerful compatibility for almost all platforms, FX5s helps users to get excellent performance in the phone live stream, phone karaoke, online chatting, MC and music listening.

FX5s will be launched in December,2017, waiting for the news!

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