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K108X, the New Portable audio interface for live webcast launching








K108X, the New Portable audio interface for live webcast launching

December 7,2017.

K108X, the New Portable audio interface for live webcast launching

XOX K108X, is a live webcast device developed and launched by Shenzhen XOX Electronics CO., Ltd, which aims to meet the requirement of increasingly popular live broadcast online nowadays. It supports live webcast in PC, single/dual phone(s), and equipped with auto/manual dodge function.

Equipped with 6 kinds of reverberations, 6 sound-changing effects and effects of one-click switching.

Traditional sound cards for mobile phones are very simple, many live platforms are without auxiliary sound effects, or difficult to operate even with them, but now, all these problems are solved. K108X is of built-in 6 kinds of FXS and sound-changing, as well as with 6 auxiliary sounds effects which are favorite by both web-celebrities and fans. Moreover, K108X helps you set the playing orders which functions for using one-click. Sound effects are so rich that emotions of fans will be thrilled immediately because of the flaming atmosphere.

Support adjustment of volume of live stream and live stream Wet/Dry ratio independently.

In addition, K108X is equipped with Mic bass and treble, the volume of live stream, Wet/Dry ratio adjustment independently and CTIA/OMTP switching, which support all models of the mobile phones.

Double power supply modes and free-drive design which support mainstream karaoke live stream platforms.

With Free-driver design, plug and play. Moreover, it is equipped with two control modes of hardware and PC control panel, using double power supply modes from USB and external, convenient to operate, and support operation without computer.

The product is of powerful functions, and rich interfaces, equipped with mobile audio, USB, music/line input, headset dynamic/condenser microphone interface, which can connect all kinds of audio devices and also widely used in phones/PC net work live stream, online karaoke, MC, recording, performance and other applications.

K108X will be launched in December,2017, waiting for the news!

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